Posted by: wordofthevine | November 13, 2017

Snatching Holiness: Moment by Moment

You know, when you write a book, you write it over time. Lately, I reread my book, Awakening a Life-Giving Heart,a book that I wrote for women (and for men) to help them realize that their own growth and maturation can awaken others and the World to goodness. Simply slowing down, noticing the needs of others around you (and your own) and learning to receive practical help from God. Holiness is not something stuffy or boring or something just to get yourself to heaven. It is dynamic, alive leading each of us that seek it to the luxurious living out of God’s graces through the cross.

In my book, I wrote, “Most women (and men) have not considered the importance of formulating a systematic plan for holiness, although they desire God very much. They also underestimate the power and spiritual significance of their lives (99).” Think about it. Do you rush through life without considering that you and the life you live can make a difference for those you care about and for the world? Watch the evening news, watch your kids or neighbors. Do they seem to grasp that God loves them, and do you consider this for yourself?

When the challenges come or the obstacles, do you think like the holy ones, like Venerable  Elizabeth Leseur that “suffering hollows out the channel through which the great river of grace flows on its way to others (260).” Next time, today, when you experience difficulties, utilize them as a way to unite closer to God for those you care about. Glance at God, even it it is not something you’re accustomed to and experience God’s presence. He will do the rest in making the moment a fruitful offering for that lady next to you who may cut you off or the co-worker who is grouchy. ~ Mary

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