Posted by: wordofthevine | November 16, 2017

Reality, a Necessary Part of Thanksgiving Day!

I’m remembering one Thanksgiving Day when our extended family got together at a relative’s house. My family of six young kids, along with my punctual husband came late for the celebration. I don’t remember why but it was probably due to me trying to pack too much into my time and my food wasn’t ready to take. My relative who was hosting was always really organized and really frustrated (rightly so) with my different way of being. We arrived 25 minutes late and her dinner was cold, along with her reception of my family. We had an uncomfortable interaction and my mood was not thankful from that point on. We often, as family members, experience life very differently from each other and arguments can happen, even with the best cooked turkey.

When I think about having a thankful attitude this holiday, I realize that it has to come from having a prayerful approach to living and welcoming the challenges. I’m reading a wonderful and short booklet entitled, Prayer, by Phyllis Zagano, a senior Research Associate in Residence and Adjunct Professor of Religion at Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. She shares, that “the healthiest prayer we can utter is saying yes to what is real in life. I was told by a wise woman once that holiness means simply dealing with reality.Reality, in life and in prayer,is where we find our holiness and our trust in God tested daily and often and well (32).”

Let’s keep this in mind this holiday. Enjoy reality in each other in the ups and downs and remember that in this holiness is one step closer to us. ~Mary

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