Posted by: wordofthevine | December 13, 2017

Have a Blessed Life like St. Joseph this Christmas!

Over coffee one day, my eighty-five year old friend, Lorrenne, a beautiful, white haired, genteel woman, leaned forward and said with a gleam in her eye, “Mary, I really have had a blessed life.” In the next breath, she continued, “You know, it has not always been easy. Remember the story about my son, John, who had severe migraine headaches, which not even treatment at the Mayo Clinic helped. What jumped started my deep trust and faithfulness to God, was when one night a prayer group at my parish sensed that God wanted them to pray for John. They gathered around him, laid hands on him, asked God to heal him, and He did! For those people, God was real, and was someone who made His will obvious to them when they prayed. From then on, over time, I watched for patterns where God acted which helped me be more sensitive to Him and learn to act with confidence in what God was asking of me.”

Lorrenne, shows us that miracles, not coincidences, can happen when we learn to recognize God’s will and fulfill it in the moment, like another St. Joseph. Servant of God, Luis Martinez, (1881-1956), the late Archbishop of Mexico City, and talented spiritual director, in Meditations for Christmas, suggests that for Jesus to be born in our hearts this Season, the Father wants us to know that “He is the one who gives the orders, for we are mere instruments. To be faithful, then, we need to never want or look for anything but the holy will of God.” Instruments, like St. Joseph, are docile to the one guiding them.

Ask yourself what you would have done, if you were St. Joseph in a cold damp cave when an angel woke you up, told you to load your wife and newborn son on a donkey and head for Egypt. Would you have been practical and waited until daylight? Martinez relates that St. Joseph “did not necessarily understand why he had to hide the Child and flee Herod. He did not try to understand many things, but always said, ‘This is how God wants it.’ If we were that faithful and had as our sole norm of life the holy will of God [and not our own well made plans], the Father would entrust Jesus to us.”


To have the blessing of Jesus alive with us this Christmas, we can cultivate the faithfulness of St. Joseph by becoming sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit within us as it comes with the ups and downs of life.


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