Posted by: wordofthevine | December 21, 2017

The Infant Christ and New Possibilities for Holiness!

One of my patients with hospice collects nativity scenes. Although she told me that in her prime, she would display 90 nativity scenes during the Christmas holidays, now she only had about 10 in her apartment. She had given her kids the remainder. She got me thinking that we can appreciate the mystery of Christmas, the coming of Christ, son of God in as a baby for our salvation. We need to appreciate the profound and transforming reality that we have within our reach at Christmas. Christmas isn’t a “lifeless statute” but a living reality we can learn to live out through out the year. Our Baptisms are powerful and truly a gift that we can renew that keeps on giving.

We come to a deeper awareness of our Baptisms through unearthing the insights that Christ shared with Venerable Concepcion Cabrera de Armida (Conchita), a contemporary wife, mother and mystic who started the Works of the Cross at the height of the Mexican Revolution. She helps us understand the intimacy Christ wants to have with us through His incarnation. Her words, though profound, offer us a practical and everyday, moment by moment plan for holiness.

Through Concepcion’s perspectives, we see that Christ’s living spark that we celebrate in the manager can spark and come alive within our heart, life animating our mission in the world. This year, as you decorate your house for Christmas, and display a nativity scene, spend some time meditating on the infant of Christ. Beg for a new sensibility of love that will bring you to feel as your own the difficulties and even sins of others. We ask for this,  because from the core of our being and lives, we can learn to love God, like Concepcion did, in the name of others to gain graces for them. Keep this in mind when you bemoan that some family members seem away from God and the Church. Enter into the mystery of Christmas. In your littleness, offer your life for the needs of others. Moment by moment, pain by or irritation by irritation, don’t waste anything that life offers you today. Jesus, alive among us, gives us new possibilities for holiness by allowing us to offer our difficulties and prayers with His for those that need it the most around us.

To learn more, join us for a live discussion on Wednesday evenings, January 3-February 7, 7-8 PM, CST through Incarnate Institute on facebook live. ~Mary

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