Posted by: wordofthevine | January 2, 2018

This New Year: Become a Heart Ablaze with the Love of God!

Venerable Fr. Felix Rougier,

“A hundred men like this will put the world on fire” Father Alberto Mir, S.J.  Who was Fr. Alberto Mir, S.J. speaking of? Father Alberto Mir, S.J., a founder himself of several religious congregations during the Mexican Revolution, and spiritual director to Ven. Concepcion Cabrera was referring to Ven. Father Felix Rougier, M.Sp.S., the Founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, a contemplative, apostolic order of priests, founded in Mexico, December 25, 1914. The charism of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit’ is spiritual guidance of souls, through spiritual direction and sacramental confession, particularly those of ordained priests. This emphasis of the Missionaries, towards spiritual direction of priests, respects the order of the Church. They wish to light the spiritual fire of ordained priests, so they can be the impetus to light the hearts and minds of the laity with the fire of Christ. In this new year, we want to stir this same fire in our own hearts so others can find God with us and be touched with this love. For ourselves too, we want to identify anything this year that has gotten in the way of God and our growth in God.

The life of Fr. Felix shows us what will happen if we believe and even more experience the Love of Christ for ourselves.  In a letter to a fellow Missionary of the Holy Spirit, dated June 22, 1926, Father Felix wrote, “Men and women hardly believe God loves them. How many priests, men, and women, even religious, do not believe in the real love of Jesus. This is a great suffering for Jesus’ Heart which is so loving, so delicate, so infinitely sensitive.” Jesus wants us to exercise faith that he is present with us as we go about our day, as He is ready and waiting to gift us with spiritual gifts that we need in the moment, if we ask Him.

In this new year,we want to become like Ven. Father Felix Rougier, hearts ablaze with this personal experience of the Love of Jesus. In the next few posts, we will explore some specific practical aspects of the spirituality of Ven. Fr. Rougier, so we can help set the world on fire with the Love of Jesus, and can console the Heart of Jesus, who notices our every movement towards Him. Let us ring in the new year with this apropos intention.

Plan to join us tomorrow for facebook live on Word of the Vine facebook page for a live reflection on growing spiritually using my book, Awakening a Life-giving Heart, from 7-8 PM, CST. ~ Mary


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