Posted by: wordofthevine | January 7, 2018

Finding the Gift: God Alive Within Us.

Sometimes I think we need to break out of our normal routines in our prayer time and consider how truth from other traditions may inspire us. I was reading The Gift, Poems by Hafiz and found a poem that really touched me. Maybe it is because I have been deeply formed and touched in my life experience of being pregnant and bringing forth new life. In fact, I can look back and consider that I was either pregnant or nursing for an entire decade. My husband and I are the parents of six young adult kids.

The poem that touched me was, Stop Calling me a Pregnant Woman,  by Hafiz. It goes, “My Master once entered a phase that whenever I would see him he would say, “Hafiz, How did you ever become a pregnant woman!” And, I would reply, “Dear Attar, You must be speaking the truth, But all of what you say is a mystery to me.” Many months passed by in his blessed company, but one day, I lost my patience. Upon hearing that odd refrain, I blurted out, “Stop calling me a pregnant woman!” And, Attar replied, “Someday, my sweet Hafiz,all the nonsense in your brain will dry up, like a stagnant pool of water beneath the sun. Though if you want to know the Truth, I can so clearly see that God has made love with you and the whole universe is germinating inside your belly. And wonderful words, such enlightening words will take birth from you and be cradled against thousands of hearts.”

I realize that God uses framework from our everyday life to teach us spiritual realities. He also wants us to realize the profound holiness and union with him that he is leading us to if we seek him wholeheartedly. If we do, He will let us find him and find transforming union with him. The world is awaiting our transformation. ~ Mary


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