Posted by: wordofthevine | January 10, 2018

Loving Attention to God: How to be a Spiritual Powerhouse!

In past posts, we discussed the prayerful practice of Loving Attention to God. Loving Attention to God was developed and promoted by (1859-1938), who founded the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit, a robust community of priests whose charism is spiritual guidance of souls, especially for priests. Fr. Felix shows us how the heart of a man can be formed by adversity and be a model for all of us in the spiritual realm.

His practice of Loving Attention to God was forged in the crucible of very difficult times during the Mexican Revolution, and proved very effective in forming people who were united in Christ and guided by the Holy Spirit to press onward towards the Kingdom, a resiliency we need in America today. All that was necessary to practice Loving Attention, according to Fr. Felix, was to regularly direct and redirect the glance or focus of your mind/heart towards God as you go about living. This glance was a prayer. He encouraged his community members and us today, to be like a sunflower that constantly turns towards the sun. We can cultivate this sensitivity to God by asking God for the grace to do this and by deciding to invite God into our simple moments of living with our desire and our “focused awareness of Him.” In this, Father Felix shows us what we’re capable of, as men, and as humans with his admonition to “live this life of prayer.”

One experience in the life of Father Felix illustrates the transforming power of this simple practice of Loving Attention to God. One night, as an army chaplain in Columbia, Father Felix was caught in a very dangerous situation. During an armed conflict, Father Felix walked onto the battlefield himself. He helped the wounded on both sides and shared, “How much I saw in those suffering people, the face of the suffering Christ, especially in the wounded enemy.”

Through this simple practice of Loving Attention, of drawing his gaze towards Christ in the midst of every thing, Father Felix show us how to take on “the joy, hope, grief and anguish of people of our time…as followers of Christ.” ~Mary

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