Posted by: wordofthevine | January 19, 2018

How to Let the Mystery of the Incarnation Overwhelm Our Lives!

You may wonder, “What does she mean by this…the mystery of the Incarnation can overwhelm my life? Do I want this to happen and is this possible?” The answer is, yes! We do this by cultivating the “cloister of heart” that I wrote about yesterday, that familiar place where we notice God with us and we turn to Him to wonder about the days experiences. We also let the living presence of God within us change us by learning to live more and more moments of the day in His light. To do this, we need to slow down, become accustomed to the questions and the reactions that bubble up inside of us when we cultivate a receptive attitude and approach to life.

As an aid to this, read the following words from a “saint in the making,” Venerable Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937). She wrote about a mystical experience that she had with Jesus one day about the mystery of the Cross and of redemption, a key part of the mystery of the Incarnation. She penned in her journal, “The plan of Redemption unveiled itself, as if it were before my eyes. I beheld it as through a magnifying glass and under a flood of light. In this field of vision, all illuminated, there stands out two poles: at one end is the immense and incomparable Love of God for man; at the other pole, man, a multitude of human beings called to love God, who reject Him. Between the two poles stands the Cross to which Christ is nailed between God and men (p142).”

As I wrote in chapter three of my book, Awakening a Life-giving Heart, “We are called to offer our lives as a bridge of grace for others by interceding for them. In this way, we grow holy ourselves, and find union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus.” What about you? Have you ever thought that if you slow down, notice the ups and downs of your day today as little “workers” for you, sacrifices that you could live intently for the spiritual growth of others?~ Mary

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