Posted by: wordofthevine | January 23, 2018

How Carrying our Crosses can Make a Practical Difference for Others

As we grow in union with Jesus by being faithful to daily prayer, by intentionally cultivating virtue by our simple daily choices, one by one, and by asking for this great grace of union with Jesus, we fulfill a desire in the heart of Jesus: for fruitful union with us. He awaits our free yes, but comes to us through the simplest even slight openness we present to him. Venerable Concepcion Cabrera, the Mexican mystic, mother and spouse that we have been exploring the last few posts shows us truly the outcome that we can each expect from this daily dance of growing intimacy with Jesus. While all of us are not mystics, the mystics as Venerable Concepcion is, show us each with greater clarity the beauty and the depth that we each can reach with God.

Jesus told Concepcion, and us too, that we can follow the way of the Virgin Mary to obtain our greatest spiritual fruitfulness. Jesus told her: As a reflection of Mary, because of your unity with Me, you are mother, give birth to Me and to the ordained priesthood. Embrace your treasure, immerse yourself into its abyss and let yourself be embraced with its love; live by its life; let yourself be penetrated by its myrrh, empty yourself before your all; unite yourself closely, ineffably, with your only love.

The treasure Jesus was referring to was her union with Jesus. With our simple daily yes, Jesus penetrates us at the core with this life-giving essence, the dynamics of His own life active in our own. While Concepcion prayed for renewal of the world by renewing the ordained priesthood, each of us will be empowered for a unique mission in the world and the Church facilitated by union with Him. Through the ordinary ups and downs of our lives, as we endure suffering patiently, we become hollowed out to be conduits of grace to those the Lord shows us to intercede for.  Ask yourself, where is the Lord leading you to pray and intercede? You will be guided with Jesus alive inside you! ~ Mary

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