Posted by: wordofthevine | January 25, 2018

Is My Life Enough? How Holiness in Everyday Life Leads to Heaven!

I often hear this question from people who are dying, as their hospice chaplain: Is Heaven that I’ve been believing in real? And, have I been faithful enough to God and others to reach Heaven? While we want to look at our lives head on, being honest with ourselves to identify patterns of living that can deaden our spirits, most of us underestimate the power of our simple human choices to love and do the next most obvious thing. Holiness in everyday life involves the mundane choices of everyday life.

If we look at the writings of Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur (1866-1914) we see the impact that our simple choices to be loving in the midst of the moment. She wrote: “It is only in heaven that we will realize how wonderfully God made use of the labor of these little workers: the multitude of small duties, the daily acts of self-sacrifice, the acceptance of pain offered to the Heavenly Father, poor worthless metal transformed by God into gold for others, that pure gold of love enriching others and ourselves.”

To hear more of this discussion, join us on Wednesday nights, 7 PM, CST for facebook live through Word of the Vine facebook. Ask yourself, what are the daily acts of self-sacrifice that God is asking of you? ~ Mary Kaufmann, Director of Incarnate institute.

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