Posted by: wordofthevine | March 29, 2018

Holy Thursday Reminds Us We Are Baptismal Priests!

I can’t say enough that I have found a resource called Priestly People by Ricardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. who brings fresh light on our common call to holiness using the Spirituality of the Cross through the life and writings of Venerable Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937), a Mexican mother, mystic and spiritual writer. “Conchita” as Concepcion was known, was an “ordinary” mother, who God called to bring to light a further development of our Christian calling. Today, as we celebrate the priesthood on Holy Thursday, we come to see that this celebration is not just for ordained priests but is for all of us. Each of us, through Baptism, are priests or people called to let God lead us to offer our lives as a redeeming force for others. The priesthood starts for all of us, ordained and lay alike, from baptism, a call that continues for all of us into heaven.

The Lord gave Concepcion the mission to save souls by teaching her to make her life an offering, that once united to Jesus’ offering, becomes a redeeming force for others. Gradually Jesus showed Concepcion how to focus on Him and offer the present moment as an acceptable sacrifice for others, while she cared for her family and during the Eucharistic offering at Mass. Concepcion came to deeply desire to share in the Passion of Jesus and collaborate with Him in the salvation of the world by genuinely taking up the cross each day.

Father Levy describes Venerable Concepcion as “the perfect secular model” of holiness and says of us in the world, “that just because  they (lay people) are busy does not mean that they are not invited to holiness. It is precisely by offering up their daily work, which is many times painful  and full of suffering, that they progress in holiness (30).”

Think of this the next time you wake up early to go to work to support your family or return tired and still jump up to fix dinner for your loved ones. Now is an acceptable sacrifice where you remember that you are a baptismal priest that can made a spiritual difference for others by uniting the self-rub or sacrifice to Jesus for the good of others! ~ Mary Kaufmann, Director of Incarnate Institute and Word of the Vine Blog


  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for share information about the book. Has this been translated into English?

    • Yes, It is written very clearly in English. What a joy to read and ponder.

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