Posted by: wordofthevine | December 11, 2018

What the Present Moment Offers us as we Approach Christmas!

I have been impressed lately about how we may suffer frustrations when we are trying to respond to God’s will for us. Maybe you’ve noticed that I have not posted anything lately. I have attempted to but somehow logging into my account became very difficult. I work with a partner who also had this blog linked to her account and between us we got passwords messed up. Well, anyway, today I was successful in resetting the password and gaining access. All of this is humbling as I like to think that I am computer savvy.

Let’s move into Advent and preparing for the coming of the infant Jesus. I am once again drawn to the writings of holy lay women like Servant of God, Elisabeth Leseur in her journal, My Spirit Rejoices. More than one hundred years ago, in December 1911, Elisabeth wrote this short prayer, “At the approach of this sweet feast of Christmas, I ask the dear Child Jesus for His most far-reaching blessings upon everyone. To put more supernatural spirit, more of the spirit of prayer, into my life; and through penance of the heart and of action to attain the interior joy that is its fruit.”

What about you? What type of frustrations and set backs are you experiencing today that you can collect with intention as a little offering to pad the manger of baby Jesus this Christmas? Today, I offer up my log in struggles as straw for the manger! Everyday life can be lived in a way that helps enliven prayer in our hearts! ~ Mary Kaufmann

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