Posted by: wordofthevine | December 13, 2018

Christmas with Blessed Concepcion Cabrera!

For nearly the last twenty years, I have been attracted to the life and writings of Blessed Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937). Her beatification will be celebrated May 4, 2019 in Mexico City. What has attracted me? Maybe it has been that she was a wife and mother, a wonderful example that life in the world can lead to holiness of exemplary nature. I am a faithful Catholic, a professional chaplain in healthcare ministry and a mother of six young adults so my life in many ways has some similar dimensions as Concepcion.

She experienced deep graces of union with God, the mystical incarnation, a grace where she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit in much the same fruitfulness as the Virgin Mary. Christ became present in her soul so profoundly that Concepcion loved others with the living presence of God. She had an uncanny knack of carrying and imparting Jesus to others that she came in contact with, like a living monstrance.

As we approach Christmas, we can reflect on Concepcion’s words in order to become fruitful this Christmas with Jesus. He wants to come into the world through each soul that is properly disposed. Concepcion wrote, “Mystical incarnations also come from this divine overshadowing, so little meditated and appreciated; from the fruitful gaze of the Father, who coming to rest in this special priestly manner on the soul, communicates to it, being that He is with him a single Divinity, as in Mary.

As complicated as this may seem, Concepcion helps us appreciate that the Spirit of God desires to reach out and touch His creatures. She describes that the Holy Spirit overshadows the soul bringing the fruitfulness of the Father in a way that brings great benefit to the interior life of the person in greater wisdom, of purity and of a fruitfulness that can impact other souls with God alive within.

This Advent, meditate on the divine overshadowing of Mary which produced Jesus. The Lord is inviting us to take part in this same grace, a big part of what we celebrate this Christmas. For more on Blessed Concepcion Cabrera go to


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