Posted by: wordofthevine | December 16, 2018

Christmas with Blessed Concepcion Cabrera, Day 2

From every Saint, we can learn new dimensions of holiness and of the nature and reality of God. Blessed Concepcion Cabrera shows us that we each are called to profound holiness. Let’s not waste the time we have on Earth but garner everything as a means to encounter God and to reflect His love.  Concepcion experienced the Mystical Incarnation, a grace beyond mystical marriage, one that the very fruitfulness of God becomes present to others from the soul’s union with God.

Concepcion writes, as it is quoted in You Belong to the Church, (11)  ,”The Father loves this mystery of Love (The Incarnation) so much that He delights in reflecting it, realizing it mystically in some souls…From all this He makes a channel of graces for the world, communicating a most pure fruitfulness that engenders souls for heaven.”

This Christmas, let us pray for a resolute heart to seek Jesus with new intensity and purity so God can touch us as He wills with the power of the Holy Spirit.  Let us ask God to make each of us as a channel of graces for others and the Church.~ Mary Kaufmann


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