Posted by: wordofthevine | December 21, 2018

Loving Jesus this Christmas with Blessed Concepcion Cabrera

What we celebrate this Christmas is something that we can continue through out the whole year. Blessed Concepcion Cabrera shows us the power of living a life in the world as baptismal priests. Jesus showed her that both the ministerial priesthood and the baptismal priesthood are to complement and support each other as unique participation in the priesthood of Christ.

Using quotes from Concepcion’s journal summarized by Father Richardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. in his book Priestly People, Jesus showed her that, while he delighted in her prayer of using words that honor him, he was showing her an easier way to live a life of holiness, of offering the ordinary sacrifices that crop up in life for the good of the world. When Concepcion (aka Conchita) questioned Jesus about how she would continually offer Jesus to the Father while she attended to her family, Jesus showed her an easier way. He told her, “Whoever loves me remembers me, and the more you love me, the more frequently you will remember me. Furthermore, it is not necessary to use words to offer me to the Father. It is enough to have a simple interior gaze with this intention, full of love and tenderness for all people. This is enough for the Father to lavish graces upon the soul that offers me and to dispense these same graces upon all humanity(189).”

What about you? Have you ever seen your own life a priestly life, one that by loving God and remembering that he is with you through the ups and downs, you become able to offer your life as a sacrifice which can liberate graces for others. If we see something disturbing in the news or about our Church, we don’t have to throw our arms down and complain. We can turn lovingly to God and not waste the goodness of the present moment as an offering. Remember this the next time you do ordinary and often boring tasks or get to continue to love someone who may not treat you well. ~ Mary Kaufmann

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