Posted by: wordofthevine | December 25, 2018

Many times, when we try to make our lives a living sacrifice with Jesus for others, we still carry a deeper question. Isn’t the sacrifice of Jesus complete to save us? We may feel presumptive, thinking that we can offer anything more for the salvation of the world.

What we find is that as we grow spiritually, we feel a greater love and intimacy, a connection with Jesus. Jesus told Blessed Concepcion Cabrera (using the work of Father Richardo Zimbron Levy, M.Sp.S. in his book Priestly People 190) “It is not that my sacrifice is insufficient. It is that the essence of my Gospel is that all be ONE WITH ME. This is the supreme goal of the Word made flesh, of the Eucharist and of the action of the Holy Spirit in my Church.”

Jesus has a deeper heart felt goal for the world. He told Concepcion, “When Christians truly become one body with mine, one blood with mine, one heart with mine, and one sacrifice with mine, then the face of the world will change and the Father will be gloried by all humanity. May all people Do this in Memory of Me.”

Through the spirituality of Blessed Concepcion, we see that all Christians possess a truly important call, to love Jesus with their all and to follow the lead of this Love, to offer their ordinary sacrifices with Jesus for the salvation of the world. Protestants and Catholics together are called to this deep and sacrificial love as a redeeming force for the world.  This Christmas, how could you incorporate this call in practical ways? ~ Mary Kaufmann


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