Posted by: wordofthevine | January 30, 2019

Finding Your Passion as a God-Given Gift!

I awoke early today, for today I was not going to work as a hospital chaplain because of the record setting -60 below wind chill, and started riding my bike in my basement. I turned on a youtube conversation about finding your passion and purpose in life. I am passionate about assisting others to recognize their spiritual and personal gifts that are part of each of our personal vocations. (Check out my retreat, Spirit Alive, on my ministry website, Incarnate Institute.) I found Scott Dinsmore doing a TED Talk entitled, “How to Find and Do Work That You Love”    and happily listened and finished my workout. I was enthralled.

I often have found that God leads me to creative adventures like starting Incarnate Institute, a retreat and conference ministry over ten years ago. I have traveled all over the USA and Canada doing faith based conferences but at times struggled wanting a local circle of ministry. Hence for the last five years, I have also worked at local hospitals as a Certified Hospital Chaplain while I kept Incarnate Institute going. I could relate to Scott’s feeling that he was supposed to offer ministry helping people find their passion and purpose but at times, it was discouraging and lonely. He had temptations to quit until he found the power of cultivating a “can do” attitude by surrounding himself with others being successful doing entrepreneurial endeavors. Once he changed his attitude, he found his ministry growing by leaps and bounds. For me, this also included giving God credit for using others to encourage him. God had a plan for Scott’s life as he does for mine and for yours.

After that short 17 minute TED Talk, I searched YouTube again to see what else this inspiring young person had shared. I found that about a year after making that talk, in 2015, Scott Dinsmore died while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I felt startled and really sad. He had stirred something inside of me; and I had been touched by his passion. I was left thinking: “It was a really good thing that this young man followed the pull in his heart to offer his perspectives because his time on Earth was short. I see this as a message to me also, to step out fearlessly and securely to fulfill God’s will for my life. At times, I have struggled in limited roles as a hospital chaplain and wondered why I have not felt fulfilled just doing that? God has placed a call in my life to reach out of my immediate circle through offering retreats, conferences and spiritual direction. What about you? Do you struggle to find meaning and purpose? Check out Spirit Alive and this short TED Talk. ~ Mary






  1. Mary, You have so many gifts and talents. Love to read your Word of the Vine. You always look at the bright side and encourage others to do the same. Thank you

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