Posted by: wordofthevine | February 1, 2019

Sainthood and Spiritual Gifts!

We can all learn from the example of the Saints and of saintly people when we try to grow in loving others. As Saint Catherine of Siena wrote in her classic work, The Dialogue, “I have given many gifts and graces, both spiritual and temporal, with such diversity that I have not given everything to one single person, so that you may be constrained to practice charity towards one another…I have will that one should need another and that all should be my minsters in distributing the graces and gifts they have received from me” Dialogue I:7.

We each have to take the time to recognize the call in our lives from God and to recognize our unique charisms to fulfill this call. It is not as one priest told me that it is not necessary for each to discern their charisms. He stated that “Charisms will just be their excuse for not helping. All just have to roll up their sleeves and pitch in!” Part of what he says is true, we have to say yes when others need our assistance. We each may not have a gift for service but we have to take our turn “setting up chairs” for the church dinner. What he is missing is that once we discern our charisms or God given spiritual gifts associated from our Baptism, we can serve the Body of Christ so much more efficiently and impactfully. The Church today needs us to manifest Christ’s power in specific ways.

This is how God built the Early Church. He manifested His power through individuals to the wider circle of life. Right now, we hunger to experience this same healing, empowering love of God in action which will counter act some of the difficult actions of some in the Hierarchy. Do not get me wrong, I love the Church but we have been wounded by the bad choices of a few in key positions at the Vatican and with some of our Shepherds. Jesus is working to renew the Church through the example of all and especially the laity! ~ Mary Kaufmann

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