Posted by: wordofthevine | February 4, 2019

Who Inspires You? How Can You Carry This Onward?

One of my mentors is new Venerable Concepcion Cabrera (1862-1937), a mother, a mystic, a wife and the foundress of The Five Works of the Cross in Mexico in the last Century. Venerable Concepcion had an amazingly deep and faithful relationship with Jesus in experiencing spiritual unity with Jesus that surpassed Saint Teresa of Avila and many other Saints. She did this by fulfilling the ordinary duties of a wife and mother and by being faithful to her daily prayer time, Mass and the Sacraments. She shows us a new kind of holiness for many, if we did not choose to enter a convent or to become ordained, feel like second class citizens in the Kingdom of God.

Concepcion shows us all that holiness inspires holiness! We need to take a crucial look at our own lives to determine what God has placed within our reach and inspired within us to impact the world. We each possess the capacity for sainthood which we develop through ordinary faithfulness to ordinary decisions of our day. We have to let ourselves be moved by life and by the lives of others to love.

Yesterday, after hearing the report that we were to experience unprecedented low temperatures, the lowest temperatures ever recorded in Iowa, I broke down. Even though I complain about what the deer population behind my house does or can do to decimate my garden each summer, I felt so worried and sorry for the wild life. I drove to a farm store, because we have many in Iowa,  and bought corn to put out for them. I’m sure my neighbors wondered what had gotten into Mary when it was 10 below zero, I was out behind my house shoveling the snow in the woods so I could put out the corn. I shoveled until my hands hurt and it was time for lunch. Immediately as I turned to look out back, I saw the deer herd which initially appeared to be missing what I had just put out. I prayed, “Lord, help them find the corn.” It was the smallest one, at the bottom of the food chain that had gotten kicked out of the pack. He found the path I had scooped and led the others to jackpot!

Let the smallest, or who appear so ordinary, to lead us to our spiritual jackpot, by following the “road less traveled” that God has inspired from within us. Like Venerable, and soon to be Blessed, Concepcion Cabrera shows us, God can do amazing things with us if we are faithful to means before us and when we follow his inspiration! What about you? What has God placed at your fingertips? ~ Mary


  1. Great article. Thank you for sharing about Conchita, who is a great example for us lay people.

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