Posted by: wordofthevine | January 31, 2020

The Soil of the Cross

Servant of God, Catherine Doherty

I like houseplants. I have been perplexed because I’ve killed one Ivy. Even though I watered it regularly, for it sat on the windowsill in my kitchen, it’s leave just kept drying up until the whole plant just died. This experience drew me to research how to cultivate an Ivy.

What I found is that ivys can not be over watered for too much moisture actually suffocates the plant. It’s also like that with us. If we work for our own comfort principally and shirk the Cross in what ever form it comes, we stunt our spiritual growth.

Servant of God, Catherine Doherty, a wife, an institute foundress and Catholic writer/speaker, wrote in Where Love Is, God Is, “To be poor in spirit, to be detached, to live according to God’s will, means simply to be happy, at peace and full of love and hope. A happy soul is a lamp to the world’s feet, leading all who come within its rays directly to God.”

We have to keep our supernatural perspective and practice happiness in the midst of all kinds of experiences, those we like and those we feel distaste. Certain virtues like steadfast love can only be forged in the soil of suffering! ~ Mary

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