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Through Incarnate Institute, the parent ministry of Word of the Vine blog, participate online in marvelous formation and retreat experiences from the comfort of your home or participate as a group logged on from a single site. Browse our topics below. We are organizing an upcoming schedule for 2018 for these online retreats:

Join us for

  1. Facebook Live: Wednesday 7 pm, CST discussing my book, Awakening a Life-giving Heart. Go t0 https://www.facebook.com/WordOfTheVine/

  2.  Spirit Alive: A Charism Experience,

     Participants will cultivate the flame of Baptism and personal vocation by learning to form a living relationship of heart and head with the Holy Spirit. We explore prayer & Ignatian discernment skills for everyday life, specifics of twenty four charisms which allow participants to discover their unique profile of gifts for service and personal vocation. Online sessions are supported with weekly reading, prayer and activities. Participants will download the booklet, Spirit Alive: A Charism Experience which includes a unique spiritual gifts inventory.

  3. The Power of the Cross. Dates to be announced.

    Learn how to cultivate the capacity to relish the Cross to become a benefit and even an offering to others. We will explore the Fourteen Links in the Chain of Love and other high lights of Venerable Concepción Cabrera and Venerable Felix Rougier, M.Sp.S., two wonderful Saints in the Making who lived during the Mexican Revolution.

  4. Awakening a Life-giving Heart: Insights for Women who Pray for the Church. Dates to be announced.

    These five weekly online sessions seek to cultivate the contemplative living and prayer of women discerning/living a vocation to spiritually uplift the Church and clergy. Topics include: relational/contemplative prayer, ignatian discernment, practicing virtue, cultivating the feminine genius, and additional topics for the new or seasoned intercessor.We will use Mary’s new book on spiritual motherhood,  the texts of documents from Cardinal Hummes and Piacenza and other Catholic leaders. Online sessions are supported with weekly reading, prayer and activities.

  5. A Plan of Live Retreat.

    Many times we struggle to find meaning in our lives and we wonder what God’s will for us is and how to recognize it. This five week retreat explores the three part vocation that we each receive in Baptism, which through out our lives we must respond and remain attentive to. Dates to be announced

Each formation session utilizes video, small group sharing, power points, prezi, presentation and a variety of teaching modalities to connect with diverse learning styles.

Participants need high speed internet and speakers or headphones to hear the presenter. A microphone or chat box is used to ask questions or share insights in this live online experience of faith. After you register, with the following link, you will receive via e-mail a web address with retreat materials to be printed along with instructions on how to log in.

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In addition, send us your ideas about topics that interest you!


  1. As one who works with, has and writes about mental illness, I would like to learn more and see more about Faith, the Holy Spirit and this disorder in all its variants affecting so many. There are so many who need Faith every moment of every day.
    Thank you

  2. When might the Spirit Alive Experience be offered again? And is there a spiritual gifts assessments test to take that does not require classes first?

    • Cathy, You can jump into this current class if you desire for each of the last two online sessions are on our website and available. It is best to have someone walk you through the process of discerning and integrating your desire to serve God with a relationship with the Holy Spirit. Classes or a retreat with information to do this are very helpful. Otherwise you take an assessment that shows some possible areas where you may be graced by a charism, but you don’t know how to clarify this and develop this charism. Spirit Alive is an inexpensive and tried and tested way to move ahead or mature in your gifts. It does include a spiritual gifts inventory.

  3. I would like to register for your online spirit alive….

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